the first time



the first time



the first time

Why is it important to find the right framing contractor?

At Alberta Sound Framing, our aim is to build your frame right the first time. This means that you won’t experience any issues with the structural stability of your home. With our professional construction services, you can rest assured that your project is being handled with our utmost care and attention.

Just because you don’t see the frame before you buy a house, doesn’t mean it isn’t essential to the structural stability – it is the most important part of your home!

Without a proper framing job, the rest of the trades who work on your home will be very unhappy, as the quality of your frame will determine the quality of services thereafter.

Some of the framing services we offer are:

Commercial Wood Framing

Residential Wood Framing
( Single Family and Multi-Family Homes )


Garage / Shops

Window / Door Replacement

Basement Framing

Our Process

Your custom framing project will always start with a free consultation where we look at your blueprints and determine the complexity of your job. From there, we give you recommendations based on our findings so that we can provide you with the best service and a quality result.


We do recommend getting at least three different quotes before beginning any home project. Also, feel free to ask us to provide you with references from our past clients.


Once your project is a go, we order best-in-class wood framing products to suit your needs. We measure our success by your satisfaction, so we guarantee quality products and workmanship for all our projects.


Every project we take on follows a strict completion schedule, and we aim to exceed your expectations and industry standards – every time we build.


Customer Satisfaction

Warranties & Guarantees

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on every job. To provide the best service possible, we monitor every job for quality control and perform a thorough frame check following completion.

If you do experience an issue with your framing project, we offer a One Year Warranty on all our workmanship as well as a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty on all our products.


Customer Satisfaction

Additional Information

Alberta Sound Framing has been operating in the city of Edmonton in both the commercial and residential sectors since 2013. We have numerous framing crews to suit your needs. We do not accept credit card payments or offer financing at this time. Insurance and licensing information are available upon request.


Framing FAQs

What is framing exactly?

Framing is the most important part of any building project. To the untrained eye it can be easy to discount a home’s frame, but it truly is the most essential part of any home. Without proper framing, it will be virtually impossible to properly install drywall, floors, doors and everything else. Our contractor is on-site at all times to make sure that the framing is built perfectly and stands up to your local building codes.

Are there any safety concerns that I should be concerned about?

During the framing process, there are some concerns that could arise. Nails and scraps of wood can cause a safety concern if you have children or pets at home. However, we always aim to exceed your standards, so our work areas are always kept tidy and free from debris.

What should I be aware of before signing a contract?

Make sure that the following details have been clearly stated and explained in your contract before you sign:

  • Hourly rate
  • City inspection regulations
  • Costs of materials
  • Timeline for completion
  • Cost per change order
What does a good framing job look like?
  • The exterior dimensions match your original blueprints
  • The floor has the correct nailing and glue patterns
  • There is a proper roof eave overhang
  • The interior dimensions (rooms and windows) are correct
  • There are no crooked studs
  • The necessary trusses and joists are in their proper places


For a contractor who will build your frame right the first time, there is only one call to make.
Call Alberta Sound Framing to get started with a free quote right away.



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